Confidentiality and Protection of Personal Data on

This Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy at applies to all information that the website (the "Site") may receive about the User while using the Site's products.


1.1 "Site Administration" - represents the interests of specialists whose duties include management and maintenance of the Site, as well as processing all the received personal data of Users.

1.2 "Personal Data" - information that directly relates to a particular subject of personal data (individual).

1.3 "Processing of personal data" - a set of measures in automatic or manual mode, which the site administration can take in respect of personal data of an individual or User.

1.4 "Privacy of Personal Data" - a requirement for the Site Administration or other professionals who have access to personal data of a User, namely with regard to obtaining, maintaining and using the information obtained in secrecy from third parties, without legitimate reason for its disclosure.

1.5 "Site User" (the "User") - An individual who visits the Site in order to receive information, as well as products of the Site.

1.6. "Cookies" - is a certain fragment of data, which is transmitted by web-browser to web-server in HTTP-request, at any action of user on pages of Site.

1.7. "IP-address" - is an individual Internet address of a node in the network, created using the TCP/IP protocol.


2.1 Visiting the Site and using its products or services implies automatic consent to the Privacy Policy with respect to processing of personal data of Users.

2.2 If the User does not agree with the Privacy Policy, he/she has the right to

Leave the Site.

2.3 This Privacy Policy is only valid on the Site If User decided to go to the resources of third parties, the Site is not responsible for their actions.

2.4 The duties of the Site Administration do not include the verification of the User's personal data on the reliability, which he provides, agreeing to the Privacy Policy.


3.1 The Website Administration undertakes not to disclose any personal information, which the User states upon registration on the Website or upon order (service) execution.

3.2 Personal data shall be processed by the Administration when the User fills out electronic forms on the Site. The following details of the User are subject to processing:

1. Contact phone number;

E-mail address (e-mail);

3. Address of the link for which the service (order) is performed;

4 The residence address of the User.

3.3 The site protects any data of the User while transiting through the links to third-party and internal pages. This list includes:

- IP address;

- Data from cookies;

- browser information;

- Time and duration of stay on the Site;

- address of a third-party page, advertising block.

3.4 Disabling cookies may cause difficulties with authorization on the Site.

3.5 The Site collects data about the IP-addresses of all Users. This information is necessary for timely resolution, monitoring technical problems and determining the legality of financial payments.

3.6 Other User information that is not defined in the above paragraphs is also not subject to disclosure. The exception is clause. 5.2. of this

Privacy Policy.


4.1 The collection, storage and processing of the User's personal data by the Site is necessary for the following purposes:

4.1.1 Identify the User, who has undergone the registration procedure or who has visited the Site in order to make an order (purchase).

4.1.2 Provide the User with full access to all of the Site's resources.

4.1.3. Maintain feedback with User for notifications and messages of informational nature related to the use of the Site and other services.

4.1.4 Guarantee security of payments and prevent Users from any type of fraud, by defining their location.

4.1.5 Provide completeness and accuracy of User's personal information. 4.1.6 Create a User's account to fulfill his order.

4.1.7 Inform the User of the status of their order within the specified period.

4.1.8 Complete the payment processing and order (service) in a timely manner.

4.1.9. Provide the User with immediate solution to problems or disputes, which may arise while being on the Website, through qualified technical support, provided through Jivo form in the Customer's personal cabinet on the Website.

4.1.10. provide the User with the information on renewal of services, changes of prices in price lists, introduction and advertising of new offers, as well as the news in the work of the Website upon the consent of the User.


5.1 No time limits are set for processing of personal data of the User. This action can be carried out both in automatic mode, and in other ways that do not contradict the current legislation.

5.2 The collected data of the User may be transferred by the Administration of the site to the authorized state bodies of the Russian Federation on legal grounds and in the order stipulated by the Russian legislation.

5.3 The Administration of the site carries out the actions, aimed at the protection of personal data of the User from the third parties (exceptions clause 5.2).


6.1 The User shall:

- Provide complete and accurate information about himself.

- Timely notify of any changes in personal data, as well as make additions to personal data.

6.2 Website Administration shall be obliged to:

- Use the received information of the User only for the purposes specified in clause 4 of this Privacy Policy.

- Provide full protection of User's personal information (not to disclose, not to sell, not to exchange, not to publish) except in cases specified in paragraphs 5.2 of this Privacy Policy. 5.2.

- Suspend the processing of personal data at the request of the User or its legal representative. Such a request may also be made by an authorized body.


7.1 The Site Administration is responsible for the improper performance of its obligations, in connection with which the User may incur losses due to the use of its data not in accordance with the Privacy Policy (Exception clause 5.2)

7.2 The Site Administration shall not be liable when the User's data is used:

7.2.1. Has become in the public domain with or without the User's consent, or has been lost, but without the Site's involvement.

7.2.2. have been accessed by other persons prior to access by the Administration.


8.1 Disputes shall be settled by means of a written complaint from the User to the Administration.

8.2 Within 30 calendar days upon receipt of the claim, the Website Administration undertakes to inform the User about the measures taken.

8.3 In case of dispute the Parties shall use and apply the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, which is in force at the moment of claim presentation

8.4 The administration of the Web-site shall be guided by the Armenian legislation in force for settling any disputes.


9.1. The Website Administration has the right to make amendments to the present Privacy Policy unilaterally.

9.2 The amendments to the Privacy Policy come into effect from the moment of their posting on the Website.

9.3 The User may send suggestions regarding the operation of the Site and specifically on the present Privacy Policy by e-mail:

Updated "5" February 2022.